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Values-Based Parenting eBook

Values-Based Parenting eBook

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What if all it took was 10,000 words to have a roadmap to parenting well?

We live in a culture of chaos!

The number of worldviews, ideologies, agendas, and values bombarding our lives today is astounding. This influence is multiplied with children - our children. We can often feel helpless when trying to parent well while dealing with the onslaught of culture. I know what it’s like to be both excited and terrified about your children's future.

That’s why I wrote this book.

The antidote to chaos is order, but order needs a standard…an anchor. What’s the standard that helps us define and identify the chaos? Towards what end are our lives being ordered?

I believe the anchor for parenting in a culture of chaos is parenting your children around a core set of intentional, defined values.

We all live and, therefore, parent from a set of values. Those values can be accidental inspirational, or intentional. Values-based parenting is designed to help you operate out of a set of clearly defined values that will help you parent on mission and with purpose.

This is values-based parenting.

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