• Values-Based Parenting eBook Now Available!

    by Dr. Andy Yarborough

    What if all it took was 10,000 words to have a roadmap to parenting well?

    The anchor for parenting in a culture of chaos is parenting around a core set of values.

    This is values-based parenting.

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  • How To Raise Your Kids With Healthy Values Part 1

    by Dr. Andy Yarborough

    Parenting is a lot of guesswork and trial-and-error. I want to give you a strategy that will help you raise your children for the better. 

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  • How To Raise Your Kids With Healthy Values Part 2

    by Dr. Andy Yarborough

    Now that we've taken the time to discuss what values are and what values-based parenting is in part 1, let's dive into how you can actually implement this framework into your life!

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My Well Co.

My Well Co. is the resources arm of our amazing team at The Well Clinic and our network of trusted professionals.

Through relevant content, personal coaching, organizational consultation, and connection via a like-minded community, we provide tools that guide you and your organization into hope, wellness, and life.

  • At The Well Clinic, we have licensed psychologists, therapists, and medical providers that help you identify pain points, thoroughly understand your struggles, then guide you towards reaching goals.

    We do not focus solely on what is wrong; we help you leverage what is right and healthy in your life. Our trained professionals work from a holistic perspective to accomplish this with you.

    Holistic means that we pay attention to the physical, psychological, relational, cultural, and spiritual aspects of who you are as a person.

    In our treatment process, we focus on instilling hope, wellness, and life to better guide you into wholeness and health.

  • Bring order into the chaos through Rhythms 

    Chaos pulls us to try and fix everything outside ourselves (circumstances, environment, other people) but this only leads to perpetuating the chaos of life because we have no real power to change those things.

    Holistic self-care demands that we take ownership for ourselves and what we actually have the authority to change.

    Rhythms will equip you on how to put holistic self-care into practice so you can begin to experience order and peace in your life.