• Executive-level coaching for organizational health and alignment.

    Your organization needs more than an a clear vision, effective strategy, and measurable goals.

    Those things sound good in a meeting but if the people that work with you aren't healthy and in alignment, you'll find yourself spinning your wheels in the mud getting next to nowhere.

    Whether a one-time consultation, or an ongoing retainer, let us help you get your organization positioned for sustainable growth and success.

  • Teaching centered around holistic-care for any audience or platform.

    Dr. Yarborough and the Well Team are in the trenches with people on a daily basis.

    When you invite us to steward the platform you’ve been given, we speak from a place of experience, knowledge, and empathy that resources your audience towards hope, wellness, and life.

    Speaking will be tailored to the needs of your organization and audience.

    Any request for speaking will include a brief consultation to define wins and takeaways of the speaking engagement.

    Our team is experienced with speaking to rooms of dozens to auditoriums of thousands. From college campuses to Church buildings. Whether in-person or virtual, we can accommodate you.

  • Personal coaching for life and leadership.

    Regardless of your career path, education background, or responsibilities, life requires leadership.

    Our certified team of Well Coaches guide you towards healthy and holistic growth in both your life and leadership.

    You should be winning in life and nothing is won without a coach.

    While many people are just trying to survive our coaches work alongside you to help you thrive internally and externally.

    Well Coaches are available to meet with you once-a-month for 50 minute sessions that move you towards growth.

  • Focused experience to catalyze your growth.

    Disconnect from the demands of your day-to-day and get immersed in 24-72 hours of growth, challenge, and encouragement.

    During this time you'll be able to devote the time required to focus on developing your mission, vision, strategies, values, and identify your core character strengths and personality traits.

    You'll walk away with extreme clarity and a new perspective on your life and calling.

    Our Intensives are in-person preferred. Ages 17+ only (however, children of parents participating in an intensive can be included if necessary.)

  • Concentrated approach to overcoming issues creating crisis.

    We want to help you heal if you have a struggle that has become a significant source of impairment.

    Trauma is something that we all experience but it doesn't need to a chronic hindrance to growth and freedom.

    Through our Well Clinical Intensive, you're able to invest 24-72 hours of focused attention towards your healing with a trained professional.

    Our Intensives are in-person preferred. Ages 17+ only (however, children of parents participating in an intensive can be included if necessary.)