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On Grief and Gratitude eBook

On Grief and Gratitude eBook

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Many find it difficult to make sense of their emotions when they experience loss. They are often sad because of what they no longer have but also thankful for what they still possess. That can be frustrating, confusing, and even paralyzing. In On Grief and Gratitude, Dr. Magers guides the reader through a process of how to make sense of your feelings during difficult times and how to embrace both your grief and your gratitude. After reading this book, you will better understand why it is essential to experience your difficult emotions and why doing so does, in fact, change things. Christian readers will also find particular benefit in considering how to hold their hope in the resurrection in tension with their grief at present sufferings.

The appendix of this book contains practical, helpful tools for processing your emotions and directions for how to lament with God.

Andrew Magers has helped thousands of clients and patients find peace, hope and purpose. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of the Renewal Health Group, a clinic that helps clients find their answer for strategic and effective mental health care. He is also the project manager of Rhythms, an online learning platform of master classes in wholistic care for yourself and others. He lives in Mississippi with his wife Holly and their daughter and son, Robyn and Wesley.

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