Dr. Yarborough and the Well team are in the trenches with people on a daily basis

When you invite us to steward the platform that you’ve been given, we speak from a place of experience, knowledge, and empathy and do it in a way that gives your audience a resource (that resources your audience towards hope, wellness, and life.) Speaking will be tailored to the needs of your organization and audience. Any request for speaking will include a brief consultation to define wins and takeaways of the speaking engagement.

Dr. Andy Yarborough

Dr. Andy Yarborough carries a strong passion to care for the whole person. As a licensed clinical psychologist, he has devoted his life to guide people into hope, wellness, and life.

In 2004, he began talking with his wife, Melody Yarborough, a nurse practitioner, about the possibility of starting a practice focused on holistic care. Holistic meaning integrating a person's physical health, soul health, relationships, and spiritual/existential growth in the treatment process.

In January 2015, The Well Clinic became the fruit of their 11 year dream, opening their doors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where they both live.

However, through Dr. Andy's extensive life and professional experience, doors began to open quickly for him to reach far beyond Louisiana.

Over the years, Dr. Andy has worked with missionaries all over the globe,  CEOs of businesses, church leaders and pastors, local non-profits,  college organizations, and individuals from many walks of life, socioeconomic background, and various clinical diagnoses.

Those experiences have put in him and his team a desire to not just serve the community of Baton Rouge, but to provide content and resources that can be of help to anyone, anywhere seeking it out.

That's the vision of My Well Co.

My Well Co. is the resources arm of everything that Dr. Andy, his team, and network of trusted professionals put into practice on an everyday basis with the people they work with.

The goal remains the same: guiding all people into hope, wellness, and life.

Work With Dr. Andy and Team